Hackney Depot

5 Sheep Ln, E8 4QS

9 December


Join us for the Vsesvit Winter Fair, exploring the pagan roots of the Ukrainian winter solstice celebrations of Kolyada!

We will have pagan craft workshops, Ukrainian gifts and objects, prints and publications, music, food and drinks. Entry to the market is free! Portions of profits will go to support Ukrainian organisations and volunteer groups.

Event organised by Vsesvit: Janina Pedan and Mariia Pastukh, and is kindly supported and hosted by Hackney Depot. 

Didukh making workshop with Janina Pedan


At the Winter Fair we will be making Didukh - traditional Ukrainian symbol of winter festivities.

The didukh is an ancient symbol of the cult of the ancestors. At Christmas it was made from the last sheaf of grain and tied with colourful ribbons. It was believed that the spirit of the field, the spirit of the Sun god and the souls of deceased ancestors, who protect earthly life, live in it. It would bring protection, fertility and good luck to the family.

Together with all participants we managed to collect £2 619 for Ukrainian organizations and volunteer groups!