Vsesvit is a Ukraine solidarity collective based in London.

We strongly condemn Russia's aggression and invasion on Ukraine.

We stand in solidarity with people of Ukraine and support their resistance

Our story

Following the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Mariia Pastukh and Valentin Rajenkov set up a Donation center at the independent library Biblioteka in Peckham.

We were collecting, sorting, and sending to Ukraine medical equipment, first aid kits, and critical injuries consumables to support paramedics and hospitals.

In 9 months, we raised over £41,000 in collected aid. We then expanded our approach to organizing fundraising events.

In January 2023, we launched Vsesvit, amplifying our efforts to provide crucial support in Ukraine and establish a community network in London.

Cultural events

We believe in the transformative potential of art and culture to spark conversations, celebrate diversity, and create bridges across communities.

Our social gatherings, film screenings, and talks are dedicated to exploring themes such as resistance art, anti-colonialism, diversity, and inclusivity while supporting and celebrating Ukrainian culture.

We aim to create a supportive platform for Ukrainian artists, scholars, curators, and makers.

Community building

Our range of initiatives, from social gatherings to craft classes and cooking workshops, aim to create spaces that encourage dialogue, exchange of ideas, and mutual support.

Collaborative partnerships with other organizations enhance our impact and further contribute to the well-being of our community.


Small volunteer groups provide the most targeted help on the ground and use 100% of donations directly on their mission.

This is why support grassroots collectives, NGO`s, unregistered volunteers, and small local initiatives that fight the consequences of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

In our Vsesvit Shop we collect publications, art and objects created with fundraising purpose, inside and outside Ukraine. 

Initiatives we supported so far:


Livyj Bereh

Repair Together

Olena Samojlenko`s mission in Kherson


Luti Druzi


Queers for Ukraine


Port Frankivsk

ARWM fund


From March 2022, we've pursued our mission without external funding, but now, we're reaching out for support to amplify our impact.

If you wish to support our efforts - please consider to donate!



Vsesvit CIC



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VSESVIT CIC is a Community Interest Company with registration number 15095042.