House of Anetta
25 Princelet St, E1 6QH

Doors 6:30 pm
Talk 7-8 pm
Close 9:30 pm

At this event a curator Aleksei Borisionok and artist and researcher Olia Sosnovskaya will re-examine their essay “The Former West and the New East” (2017) which critically unpacked the notion of “New East” introduced by the UK-based media after the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Aleksei and Olia will address the narratives and representations of Eastern Europe and how the underlying power dynamics are underscored and re-actualised in the context of current Russia’s invasion of Ukraine supported by the Belarusian regime.

The talk will focus on (self)exoticization of Eastern Europe and analyse aesthetics and politics within artistic practices in the context of “the Former West” and “the New East”, in particular referring to imperialist and (crypto)fascist tendencies.

What other temporalities could be suggested within and beyond the notion of ‘post-socialism’? What are the ways of constructing networks and solidarities beyond intercolonial communication, to use the notion of Svitlana Matviyenko?

The event is co-organised by PPV (Perverting the Power Vertical) and Ukraine solidarity collective Vsesvit hosted by the House of Annetta.

Vsesvit joins with a pop-up corner featuring a selection of printed matter/fundraising projects.

The event is free and available to everyone.