12/11/2022 House of Annetta 14:00

Join us for the Autumn gundraising gathering at HoA!


Ukrainian botanical folklore - workshop by Janina Pedanand Mariya Shub.

Anthology of Queer Ukrainian Voices During Wartime - performative reading by Vlad(a) Vazheyevskyy from Dvijka collective.

The Winter Garden's Tale by Simon Mozgovyi - a documentary film screening.

Ukrainian books pop-up and reading room by @biblioteka_kyiv

Presentation of the fundraising publication Oberih by Daria Anosova from Understructures.

Photo prints sale by @christophernunn_ @ultramegaviolence @poplava_ua @sashakurmaz @mishapedan @sergey_melnitchenko @noelfaucett, supported by @editioneduk

Fundraiser was kindly hosted at House of Annetta

a social centre for housing rights and land justice.

We managed to raise £500 to support the Ukrainian volunteer group @zgraya.ua