Hidden Sounds

89 Ridley Rd, E8 2NH

28th of October


Free Entry

We are happy to announce presentation of the new album of Krajobrazy to support Kyiv Angels volunteers in Ukraine. Event is organised by Rovzhi and supported by Vsesvit.

Krajobrazy is an ambient project and event series founded on a hot summer day in Kraków, Poland back to 2017

The album you will hear has been in the making for six long years peppered with rains, storms, small revelations, periodic bouts of euphoria, great sorrow, amazing adventures and a global epidemic. All of these came, passed, and live in our consciousness alongside with our own lives, creating a network of stories.

"Living somewhere between a radio play, bootleg recording, and a dusty collector's oddity, Krajobrazy share their dream stories where narration is used in the same wav as a tape echo. Small quotes, human sounds, lonely violins, broken motifs, textures, reflections, mimicry of sound, serious beats and sheer stupidity - your watch is turning inwards."


We managed to collect £413 with £323 sent to Kyiv Angels and the rest of donations distributed between Spilka, Olena Samojlenko and Dvijka.