The program:

  1. Dovecotes of Kyiv by Mykhailo Volkov
  2. Metro-tram by Kateryna Yahodka
  3. Diorama by Zoya Laktionova
  4. ZONG by Teta Tsybulnyk, Elias Parvulesco,

    Svitlana Pototska

  5. Fa├žade colour: Blue by Oleksiy Radynski
  6. Dedicated to the youth of the world by Roman Khimei and Yarema Malashchuk
  7. The Wormwood Star by Adelina Borets
  8. Thus they will sing by Diana Horban, Anna Yutchenko

Phoenix Cinema

52 High Rd, London N2 9PJ

11th of November 14:00

Vsesvit is excited to announce Ukrainian short films screening `I Will Laugh Despite My Tears!`, a fundraising event which will take place at the legendary Phoenix Cinema!

A selection of short films curated by Kat Oleshko offers a glimpse into life in Ukraine before the full-scale Russian invasion. They portray hobbies, nature, folklore, and urban landscapes, exploring Ukraine's complex cultural tapestry. Through the lens of these films, we also reveal a life that exists no more. Some cities are already destroyed, and some are under occupation, but our culture and spirit remain unbreakable. We will continue to laugh despite our tears.

    All money from the ticket sales will go to the organisation of volunteer paramedics Hospitaliers.

    This screening is supported by Fastmarkets with the kind help of Veronika Prykhodko.

    We thank Ukrainian online cinema Takflix. We would also like to thank Ivan Krupenikov for technical assistance. Milena Khomchenko for moderating discussion after screening.

    Event organising team: Mariia Pastukh, Lera Ganicheva, Kat Oleshko. Poster by Lera Ganicheva.