House of Annetta

25 Princelet St, E1 6QH

25th of November


How does perception of death shape understanding of the past? How does it affect the conceptual formation of the ancestry? If death is desired for the sake of legacy and martyrdom the ones who cannot die, do not want to die will emerge from the taboo sphere of the culture.

Dziady was a pre-Christian Slavic rite celebrating the connections with ancestors and cherishing them by providing them care.  Upiór is a demonic Slavic creature, obstructs the linear circularity of history. Performance will investigate the Upiór as both an oppressed creature and creature of resistance. Visual metaphors created by working with elements such as hair, soil, water, and salt will serve as an illustration for performed spoken word. Three upiórs will be invoked to the space to love, to despair and to warn.

The audience will walk through House of Anetta not as passive viewers but as participators in the ritual, hopefully, to commune together with the (un)dead

Performed by Maria Magdalena, T Vazheyevskyy, Basia

Basia Ogonowska and Skye. Exhibited work by Tanya G 

We will also screen the film Delta (2017) by Oleksandr Techinsykiy.

At the intersection of the Wild East and the Civilized West, the Danube Delta residents make their living by hard work – mowing the reeds in winter, but all as one dream of a fantastic catch – the legendary Beluga, worth a fortune. With dreams instead of plans and water instead of the earth under their feet, they rejoice every moment of their lives. 

Film is kindly provided by Magika Film with the help of Gennady Kofman.

Vsesvit store, music and warm drinks!

Free entry but donations are encouraged. All proceedings will go to Ukrainian volunteer group Ne Sami, who evacuate people from near frontline regions and help them adapt in the new place.

Artwork by Olwia Gzuy, poster by  Mariia Pastukh.