22/07/2023 Old Diorama Arts Centre 15:00

“In Dreams and Awake”, a selection of films curated by Kat Oleshko and Milena Khomchenko with the help of Maria Matiashova will feature 8 shorts capturing Ukrainian culture, boundless nature, contemporary urban planning, industrial mono-towns, and graduation ceremonies. In dreams and awake, we strive, fluctuate, and undoubtedly survive the wars and continuous attacks.

The program:
• Narcissus by Andrii Zhyzhko 
• New City of Friends by Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Khimei
• Salty Oscillations by ruïns collective
• The First Day of Summer by Tymur Postovyï
• Leopolis Night by Nikon Romanchenko
• Circulation by Oleksiy Radynski
• Khayt by Sashko Protyah
• A Steppe with Rabbits and Pheasants Running Around, and Where Some Even Saw Foxes by Daryna Mamaisur
• Babusia’s Birthday by Sashko Shevchuk

Vsesvit will join the event with a small corner.

The money raised from tickets would go directly to support the Ukrainian defenders - a fundraiser by Oleksandra Zhdanova

Thank you everyone who joined us for the film screening last night!